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Written by Linda Dowdle   
Friday, 12 February 2010 17:20

Hand stripping the Norfolk Terrier coat.

The Norfolk Terrier Standard describes the coat as ‘hard, wiry, straight, lying close to the body.  Longer and rougher on neck and shoulders.  Hair on head and ears short and smooth, except for slight whisker and eyebrows.    Excessive trimming undesirable.’

Norfolk coats are quite easy to manage but have to be hand stripped about twice a year to remove the old blown coat to allow the new weatherproof coat to come through.   A blown coat is long and shaggy and parts between clumps of hair - this coat has to be pulled out by hand, or with a special stripping knife. Furnishings should be kept on the legs and belly.  Illustrated details of hand stripping are shown below – as you will see, sometimes help is needed to hold the dog still.

Small tufts of the dead coat can be easily pulled out starting with the top of the head, down the neck, leaving a ruff of longer hair to frame the head just under the ears.   Then work along to the tail, down both shoulders and sides, always going with the lay of the coat (the direction in which the hair grows.) The feet should be trimmed around underneath the pads, with the scissors flat to the pad, to form a neat shape.  Long straggly strands from the legs can be gently pulled out, particularly shortening the hair by the elbows, but furnishing should be kept on the legs to give them a chunky look.  The hair on the chest and belly can be just shortened a little to shape or tidied up with trimming scissors.

- Introduction of this article adapted from the Norfolk Terrier Club of the UK.  To read more from this article, please reference their site at:

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