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Written by Linda Dowdle   
Monday, 21 February 2011 15:15

For T.W.N. Tilley.Winny.Neddy. Shevchenko

Hi, it’s Neddy again. Tilley, Winny and I had an OZsome year. Here is 2010 in review!!

In January Tilley finished her role as Toto in London's Grand Theatre's Production of The Wizard of OZ. The show ran 52 times and was seen by over 35,000 people. The show was even held over for an extra week. Tilley was so happy that her grandparents Linda and Peter Dowdle came for Opening Night to see her.  It was a great experience for our whole family that we will never forget. It was an OZsome way to start 2010. January was also filled with Agility, highlighted by great performances from all 3 of us at the Middlesex Agility Club's (the club we belong to) January Trial.

In February Winny and I went to Florida with Dad and got to hang out with our buddy Nugget (also a Norfolk Terrier). Tilley stayed in London with Mom who had to work. Nugget took us to the beach and Fort Myers where we practiced some Dog Agility. We had such a good time and didn't miss the cold weather at all. Also while in Florida we spent time at H.O.H. (Hounds on Henry) Dog Off Leash Park, where we met up with a lot of our Human & Canine Pals.

In March we celebrated St.Paddy's Day in GOP (Greenway Off Leash Park). What a great month, NO SNOW in March for the first time ever. It was great weather for being outside. Tuesday's were our Agility's Club's House League nights. Everyone has a good time, we like that there is no pressure to perform, and all you need to do is just have fun running a few courses. Did l tell you there is food and refreshments (Beer)? Food for us and beer for Dad.

In April we were ready for Rain with our new Rain Coats. We got to show them off at the Middlesex Agility Club's April Trial. All 3 of us had outstanding runs and this put smiles on Mom & Dad's faces. Also in April, Dad got out his bike and our bike trailer and we went for rides in Springbank Park. Boy did we get a lot of looks as we went by in our bike trailer.

In May Winny and l went to Florida with Dad and of course we hooked up with Nugget. This time we entered an Agility Trial in Fort Myers, boy was it hot. We had very slow runs because of the heat, but had a great time meeting lots of new dogs and their owners. We also went to Woodmere Off Leash Dog Park in Venice with Nugget and his Mom Susan. It's by far our favourite Off Leash Park. We had such a good time chasing Squirrels.

In June Tilley was back at The Grand Theatre to party with everyone at the Grand's Backstage Bash. Tilley spent some time with her biggest fan, Brenda Manning from The Grand Theatre. We also were involved in a few Middlesex Dog Agility Demos. We love hearing the crowds applaud us. We also go to the Middlesex Agility Club’s summer BBQ at Julie and Matt’s house. Great food and great friends, boy Julie is a good cook! Andrew put Winy in a tree swing which got a big laugh. On Sundays we lay on the deck with Mom & Dad and bath in the sun. Everyone deserves a day of rest, right!

July is Norfolk Birthday Month for Reese and Rolo (the 9th )Tilley (the 31st) and Winny and me ( the 13th), what a Birthday Bash we had at Rolo and Reese's house. Also in July, Tilley was the Emcee for a Dog Show put on by In Dogs We Trust during London's Ribfest. We all did tricks and were paid with great tasting Ribs. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

In August we went to Mom's Brother's Cottage in Northern Ontario for a Higgins get together. We had so much fun canoeing for the first time. We swam every day. (I think Winny peed in the lake) We had long walks in the woods where we chased Chipmunks. Since all Mom's relatives think were so cute, handouts were a plenty. Busy days led to us going to bed early every night and sleeping like logs. I hope we get invited back. Also in August Rolo and Reese (also Norfolk Terriers) came over to our house for a Sleep Over. The five of us had such a blast playing with each other. I am glad we all get along so well. We all camped out with Dad in the big bed. It wasn't long before we were all sleeping. Guess who snores the LOUDEST?

In September we went Pawlozza, where our Agility Club did a Dog Agility Demo. Pawlozza is the second biggest Dog get together in Ontario after Woofstock in Toronto. They had everything, Dog Luring, Dog Dock Diving, a Dog Whisperer, Food, Music, Dog Stuff and much, much more. Also in September we like to go to G.O.P. (Greenway Off Leash Park) where Winny and l like to chase Squirrels up trees while Tilley runs the fence with the big dogs.

In October we all went to Florida and of course we hooked up with Nugget again. We all went to Woodmere Off Leash Dog Park in Venice with Nugget and his Mom Susan. Winny and l had such a good time chasing Squirrels. Tilley and Nugget were off being boyfriend and girlfriend. Afterwards we picked up lunch at Sharkey's and went to Brohard Dog Beach also in Venice. There we ate our lunch and then went to the beach to get our paws wet.

In November Tilley started rehearsals for Annie Warbucks where she was to play Sandy. Tilley told Winny and l that she was very impressed with all the talent in this show and how she really liked Kerry, who was the director of the show. Tilley was so excited to go to rehearsals she dragged Dad up the stairs at The Covent Garden Market to the rehearsal hall. Dad could hardly keep up with her. Tilley gave us a big scare in November by injuring her eye. With Dr. Quinn's help it completely healed. While Tilley was at rehearsal with Dad Winny and l got quality time with Mom, she took us for great walks and gave us some special treats. (Don't tell Tilley)

In December Tilley was busy acting the part of Sandy in The Original's Kids Production of Annie Warbuck's. Tilley was thrilled to be on stage again. During the play she made so many new friends, especially Madeline who played Annie. The play got nominated for a Brickenden award, Best Youth Musical. I hope they win. One of our favourite events in December is the Middlesex Agility Club's Dog Christmas Party. A great time to play games and eat great food with our canine friends in the club. This December we had the biggest snowstorm London has ever seen. It’s great playing in the snow. Winny wrote his name in the snow. Yes, that’s right he did in pee. On Christmas Eve Day we left for Florida. It was a great drive, lots of stops for us to get new sniffs and go pee. We got to Pt. Charlotte on Christmas and had Christmas Dinner and then opened our presents. Then of course we played with our new Toys for the next 2 hours. On New Year's Eve, we stayed up to count down the year as the ball came down. There it was, a new year. We looked at each other and wondered how 2011 could be any better.


Well as you can see, 2010 truly was an OZsome Year for Tilley, Winny and Me...  Neddy


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