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Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:45

CH Rightly So Brush With Fame ( US/Can Ch Brickin Smart Pursuit x CH Allright Margret Rose) wins the Norfolk National Specialty held in conjunction with the Orillia Dog Show 2014!

Thank you to Judge Rosemary Shoreman for recognizing this young boy!!


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Sharing the Love, Kim Hurd PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Dowdle   
Monday, 21 February 2011 15:01

I'm always amazed at the talented Norfolk and "their" people featured in the Natter.  Beautiful show dogs,  Agility and obedience champions.  Heck, there are even actors and models! 

My 1.5 year old Black and Tans, Rolo and Reese, may not have any titles or credits to their names, but the one special talent that they share with all other Norfolk is the unwavering ability to bring people joy, comfort and a smile.
Like you, I think Norfolk are a fantastic, if not the best, breed of dog.  And, like me, you probably will extol their virtues to anyone willing to listen. 

To share these Norfolk virtues with others, my husband Dave and I, decided to volunteer as pet visitors at our neighborhood nursing home.  We've been visiting the residents at Valleyview Home, one evening, every other week, since Rolo and Reese were 14 weeks old.  This is a great socialization opportunity for dogs and humans alike! 

Pet visiting has been a very rewarding and fun way to volunteer in our community.  We visit from room to room, casually chatting with residents and hoisting up our dogs to be petted.  We perform a small repertoire of tricks, dress them up in costumes when the occasion calls and dole out dog treats like human Pezz dispensers.

The residents and staff have really enjoyed watching them grow up.  We've been delighted to see residents that have limited mobility, making huge efforts to pet and talk to the dogs.  Staff  have told us of residents that haven't smiled or talked in weeks, but will do so when they see Rolo and Reese.  We've even had special requests for visits when someone's in need of some extra special Norfolk comfort.

We love hearing that our dogs have that effect on the residents.  Many residents have told us about the dogs they've had in their lives and really do appreciate our visits.  According to Val Freeman, Valley view’s Volunteer Coordinator, Role and Reese have a "groupie-like" following of adoring Norfolk fans.  Role and Reese feel right at home there too.  I'm always amazed to see how they will adjust their behavior to accommodate each resident's need.

Pet visits shouldn't be confused with pet therapy.  Dogs must be at least a year old and pass a test to be certified as a pet therapy dog.  Although, by choice and consideration of the residents we visit, we do follow the same principlesand guidelines required of therapy dogs when we make our pet visits. 
If you're interested in sharing some of your time and passion for your Norfolk, please consider volunteering as a pet visitor. 
Share the love.
There’s lots to go around.

Web Site Traffic goes Wild for Norfolks! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Nesbitt   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 18:48

Yes, you heard right.  After the Norfollk placed Second in the Terrier Group at the 2011 Westminster Dog Show in New York, our NTCC website went wild with hits of interested people investigating the breed.  There was also a direct correlation between site hits and requests for these little darlings.

For those of you that missed it, the Norfolk Terrier came in second in the Terrier Group on February 15 2011.  You can check out the full results located here on the web site:

Congrats goes to:

GCH Cracknor Cross The Ts
Breed: Norfolk Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 19427901
Date of Birth: December 21, 2006
Breeder: M H E Matell
Sire: Ch Cause A Comotion
Dam: Cracknor Cooking The Books
Owner: Pamela Beale & Elisabeth Matell & Beth Sweigart
Photos: Breed judging / Group judging

Dock Diving Announcement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Dowdle   
Monday, 03 January 2011 21:36

Jake’s new personal best of the day:

7 feet, 4 foot longer than his big jump in May. Not bad for the smallest dog in dockdiving!

He jumped three waves at 7'4", 6'11", and 7'3"...a consistent day for the boy. Always a crowd pleaser...he finally ended up with a first place in the novice division, a third place, and at his longest jump...10th place. How? The bigger dogs were holding back in the first jump...he goes all out on every jump.

JumpinJake Marley jumped for big air at the National DockDiving Event....

I went to the jump on Saturday for fun...not expecting anything big. It was his very first jump too. It was an electronic measure so it is highly accurate vs. when they manual judge. It's in the books....he set the bar pretty high for any other Norfolk taking to dock diving thing.

By Janet Latterner & JumpinJake

Written by Linda Dowdle   
Monday, 03 January 2011 21:33

On October 16th 2010 Daphne achieved her Senior Earthdog title in Terra Cotta Ontario.

Daphne and I were quite excited when we reached the farm where the Earthdog tests were held. They offered Intro to Quarry (the instinct test that is unofficial), Junior Earthdog (dog goes into underground tunnels, 30 feet with three turns to find the quarry) and Senior Earthdog.

Daphne’s job was to find one of two possible entrances to go underground, cover 30 feet with three turns and find the quarry. There is also a dead end with a False Den, scented bedding with no quarry. The other end has the rats! She has 90 seconds to find her way to the rats then has to work the rats (barking, digging, scratching, etc.) within 15 seconds of reaching the quarry and work continuously for 90 seconds. Once the Judge’s assistant has removed the rats, the Judge says Call your Dog and I have 90 seconds to get her to come out of the ground and in my hands!

In the morning trials, not a single dog passed the Junior Test. Daphne was the first dog to do the Senior Test. She kept popping out of the hole without going in very far! Once it was obvious that she had not qualified as she had run out of time, the Judge instructed me to pick her up and take her a few feet away and not let her peek. Saying, “That’s not like Daphne” (she knows how Daphne works) she opened up the tunnels to make sure nothing had fallen down inside. I wondered if the high winds were affecting the scent put into the tunnels. All was clear she told me. She said she would allow Daphne to run the test again, unofficially, to ‘give her a positive experience’. I happily agreed as the second trial that day would be at the same spot! When I tried her again, she managed to get in the hole and get to the rats and did her job well. I had a little trouble getting her to come back to me. The Judge has a stopwatch to time each part of the test. I was happy she had done her work and hopeful for the afternoon.

In the second trial, Daphne was the second dog to do the test. The first dog did not pass. Daphne though, was confident and went into the hole right away and kept going! She found the rats fast enough, barked and barked and barked at them. When the Judge said Call your Dog I knew she had worked long enough. Now I just had to get her back to me! When I had watched the first handler, she had taken off her baseball cap before getting down on the ground to look into the tunnel to call her dog. I had an idea.. I blew my sports whistle. When Daphne peeked her head out of the hole, I held my own baseball cap in my hands and said “Daphne look!” She came right over to see if the rat was in my hat. Gotcha! The Judge said,” Congratulations! Daphne is an Ambassador to Norfolk, everything you would want her to be. She is a great little worker and ready to work on her Master Earthdog title.” I was thrilled. Linda Dowdle had come to watch Daphne so I was glad she got to see everything we have to do! She was proud of little Daphne too.

Daphne was the only dog that afternoon to pass the Senior test!

At the Awards Ceremony, the Judge repeated to all of us the comments he had made to me. Then the Judge gave Daphne two big ribbons, one for passing the Senior Test and one for earning her Senior Earthdog title, meaning she had passed three Senior Earthdog tests. She also got a small squeaky toy, a Hallowe’en mouse. The mouse was silenced on the way home, then Daphne slept the rest of the way, a content Norfolk.

Norfolk Terrier Club of Canada's National Specialty for 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Dowdle   
Thursday, 09 December 2010 08:32

Norfolk Terrier Club of Canada's National Specialty for 2010

Best of Breed - CH Dralion's the Skye's the Limit
Best of Opposite - Dralion's Twist and Shout
Best of Winners - Cortaillod the Outlaw
Best Puppy in Breed - Souyen's Abigale Scuito
Reserve Winner's Dog - Dralion's Brace Yourself
Reserve Winner's Bitch  - Cortaillod the Tempest

Best in puppy Sweepstakes - Cortaillod the Tempest

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Bike Riding PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Dowdle   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:46

This is a specially designed dog basket with safety features like a clip to attach to her collar so she can’t fall out. It even has a removable canopy for those sunny days. Kim let Daphne get used to the basket lying on the living room floor before attaching it to her bike and we saw that she really found it a comfortable place to lie down!

At first, she walked the bike up and down the street with Daphne in it and we could see how relaxed she was. Then Kim rode up and down our (quiet) street and Daphne just loved it! Now Kim regularly rides her bike on trails with Sahdiq, our Saluki, beside her so now Daphne will be able to join them.

On rough terrain, Kim walks her bike carefully down the hills so Daphne will run beside her and then back into the basket when it is safe again!

Posted on behalf of Kim

Daphne's Successful Summer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Dowdle   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:39

Daphne has had a good start to her summer!

In June, Daphne competed in Earthdog Trials in Plattsville and Jerseyville Ontario. She was easily the most animated dog there as it is her favourite sport! She gets to hear her favourite words in the world: ‘Get The Rat!!’ She needed one more leg (qualifying score) to earn her Junior Earthdog title after getting her first one a couple of years ago. There are not many trialling opportunities so we did some intense homework, using my above ground wooden tunnels and live squirrels my Dad happily removed from his neighbourhood! No squirrels were ever harmed and after a few minutes of Daphne barking at them, they joined our neighbourhood.

In Plattsville on the first day, she was hesitant to go into the hole of the underground tunnel. It is very dark and rat scented! She finally went in, covered the 30 feet (with a couple of turns) and then worked the caged rats by barking and digging and whining at them. Unfortunately, she had gone over the time allowed so did not pass. On Sunday morning, she had the same ‘den site’ and went into the hole without hesitation! She did her work and passed. We were given a nice rosette and a small rat pin at the awards and the judge said she was a wonderful little worker. Now she had JE after her name!

We were allowed to move her up into the Senior Earthdog trial that afternoon. It is a lot harder, closer to the work of a real hunting situation. The tunnel configuration looks like an H lying on its side. She has to find the entry holes, which are at either end of the H’s bottom legs. She has 90 seconds to navigate her way to the top legs. One end has a False Den, an area with rat scented bedding but no rats. The rats are at the end of the other leg. Instead of Junior Level’s 60 seconds, dogs in Senior have to work the rats for 90 seconds. After they have done this (the Judge has a stopwatch) she will say ‘Call your Dog’. You have 90 seconds to get the dog back to you and under control! The rats have been removed from the tunnels so there is no reason to stay, but getting your dog out from underground can be tricky! I have been working on her recall using a sports whistle but she wanted to stay under! Finally, after almost three minutes she popped up out of one of the holes and I convinced her to come to me. She had done all the other parts in the required time, so we had almost passed the Senior Test! The Judge was amazed that this was her first attempt.

The next trials were in Jerseyville a couple of weeks later. As she seems to be the only Norfolk around here doing Earthdog, we are recognized when we go to an event. “ There’s Daphne!” we hear. I am known as Daphne’s Mom. At the Registration Desk that day, a woman said to me, “ Imagine! A Norfolk doing Earthdog!” I smiled at her and said that our philosophy is ‘Norfolks Can!’. Then I told her that Daphne does Earthdog, Obedience, Agility, Lure Coursing, Flyball and even a little Tracking! She doesn’t love all of those things but she does them.

This time was harder for her! She went into an entry hole but her head popped up and then she came out and went into the other entry hole and then she popped out again. Once you have given your dog a single command you must stand there quietly! Each time she popped out she looked at me as if for advice, but I could only stand quietly and smile at her. Finally she went in and found the rats and I could hear her barking almost without breathing, easily working the required 90 seconds. This time I got her back in 45 seconds so I was really pleased! But the popping in and out had used up too much time and she did not qualify. The next day, the same den, the results were the same - popping out, but again her recall was great, 50 seconds.

Daphne knows all the elements and just has to put it together so I am confident that she will soon be on her way to becoming a Senior Earthdog. Her next trial will be in the Fall, near Orangeville. I am so glad to give her the opportunity to do something SHE wants to do instead of what WE want.

In July, Daphne competed in Blyth Ontario in four Agility trials, two Standard courses and two Jumpers with Weaves. All of these were outdoors, in extreme heat! We kept dunking her in the kiddie pools of water provided. Daphne passed both the Standard courses. She qualified in one of her Jumpers trials but was too slow in the last trial. I think she was melting! She did try her hardest, on those little legs. On her first Standard course, she trembled and whined in Kim’s arms before she was set down on the start line.

She looked like she did when waiting to be released at Earthdog. When Kim told her “Okay!” she dashed across the field and Kim had to call her back to do the first obstacle!! Daphne will have to learn to keep her sports straight!! On the other hand, that kind of enthusiasm is good. It has been a good summer for Daphne. She is a great little girl, not afraid to show the world that she is a Norfolk terrier and that NORFOLKS CAN!

Posted on behalf of Teresa Martin

Exercise Options PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeff Nesbitt   
Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:24

A tired puppy is a happy puppy. This is certainly an expression Terrier owners use on a regular occasion! They are energetic little dogs and we have noticed that without exercise, they get a little yappy.

So we began the search for activities to tire them out:

  • Walking: We find a 2 hrs walk makes them tired. Minimum per day is a 40 min walk.
  • Fetch: Playing ball or Frisbee for 30 minute seems to do the trick
  • Swim: Pearl learned to Swim @ the Cottage. To teach: Throw Stick. Repeat.


But, I’ve got one last suggestion that is a little unorthodox. I picked this idea up from the Norfolk Fun day in August 2009. The game was called Lure Coursing. The dogs would chase a white cloth attached to a pulley system. We noticed Eva was pooped after this event and we searched for a way to replicate this game without the entire infrastructure.

So I went and bought myself a remote control car. The car does 50mph and has 4 wheel drive with independent suspension. My Toyota Camry Hybrid was jealous of this thing when I brought it home. Anyway – as it turns out Pearl and Eva adore this little machine and chase it around the park. They think it is a squirrel.  It accomplishes in 15 minutes what a 2 hrs walk does in relation to exercise. Now – we take breaks and bring water on our little adventures. In addition, we make sure not to do this activity in extreme heat. With those precautions, they absolutely love chasing the car.


Anyways, regardless of the method of getting the dogs exercised, make sure to check out under Breed, Norfolk Activities for ideas. A good exercise regiment leads to a happy and healthier life for our little puppies.


About the Author: Jeff and his wife Tania live in Kitchener, Ontario with Eva The Norwich and Pearl The Norfolk. Jeff is an outdoor enthusiast and gives back to his community through his work and extra involvement. For more information on Jeff, please visit his website at:

CH Brickin Smart Disguise Canadian Champion PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 August 2010 14:11

NEW CANADIAN CHAMPION CH BRICKIN SMART DISGUISE (Brickin Smart Outlook x Brickin Naughty Nature) Owners Linda Dowdle and Toni Harrold – Breeder J.R. Stevenson (UK)

Tom Tom was successful at the Kitchener Waterloo Kennel Club show in completing his Canadian Championship under judge Michel Bouchard. Tom Tom was such a pleasure to work with and show!

Written by Linda Dowdle   
Thursday, 13 May 2010 00:00


(CH Cortaillod Brewster at Dralion x CH Cortaillod Lady Elizabeth)

Breeder Owners Lee and Carole Goodfellow GETS TWO GROUP 2NDS


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